Extra! Extra! Rothko Discovered Inside Tattoo

Arts & Culture New York, NY, Staff In an explosive turn of events in the art world, a rare painting by Mark Rothko has been discovered inside the tattoo of Jason Nadeau of Rhode Island. Art critics and auction houses stand at an impasse. The Los Angeles Times has weighed in favorably for the Rothko, […]


Jason Rookie Nadeau Of the Hotrod Workshop, Pawtucket, RI Back Tattoo by Joel Mejias. Bambu Tattoo, Providence, RI Jason declined providing any commentary about his tattoo, which isn’t that he has nothing to say (he’s a talker), but that he’s not saying it here. He did, however, give me permission to make up stuff about […]


RJ’s tattoo was done by “The Man” at Skin Deep Tribal Tattoo, Hookset, NH RJ, a Harley Davidson riding Economist, agreed to do a written interview about his tattoo to share on this site. You told me the meaning of the Maasai shield source of your tattoo, but I can’t do justice to it — […]


Christine Maguire’s tattoo was done by Dave at Federal Hill Tattoo in Providence, RI. Now, this was an unusual shoot. You know how they say, “You start out going to the 7-11 and you end up at Bonnaroo”? This shoot was something like that.


Jen Rowland’s tattoo is a Sailor Jerry by Bryan13 at Mystic Marks Tattoo, San Marcos, TX When I asked Jen if she would like to provide her perspective in her own words for this gallery of her photos, she was happy to contribute, explaining her understanding of being “body-proud.”


Caroline Pope-Peavy’s tattoos were done by her husband Dave Peavy of Federal Hill Tattoo. Caroline is a yoga instructor at Providence Power Yoga and is an ambassador for Lululemon. She and Dave have two kids and that’s another dimension in her life. Of course, I had to ask her what it was like being tattooed […]


Amy Ravenelle’s Tattoos were done by: Foot: Doug Forcier, Renaissance Tattoo Studio, Woonsocket, RI. Chest: Mike Johnston, Blackstone Tattoo Co., Pawtucket, RI. Hip: Nick Clattenburg, Famous Tattoos, Dartmouth, MA. Amy is a professional in tattoo supplies and shop management. She was down with doing a three tattoo session, which was an embarrassment of riches. During […]

Glowing Haze Over Downtown Providence Still a Mystery

August 20, 2015/ Staff EPA, FEMA and local authorities have been unable to explain the cause or nature of a mysterious glowing haze that appeared this week over Downtown Providence. Mayor Jorge Elorza has assured residents that the haze is “apparently harmless.” Although its source is currently unknown, no toxicity, pollutants or radiation have been […]


Musician Joe Sabourin’s tattoo was done by Craig Prentiss at Visions Tattoo, Medway, MA. Joe is an honest-to-goodness working musician, so there’s some likelihood that, if you’re into local music, you’ve seen him anywhere from the Fatt Squirrel to your cousin’s wedding. He has a Facebook page, “My Mother’s Moustache,” where you can find out […]


Kaitlyn Vicente’s tattoos gracing her shoulders were done by Jay Blanchette, owner of Leviticus Tattoo, Cumberland, RI. Kaitlyn practices yoga at Providence Power Yoga and is a Social Media and Marketing professional. On her new blog, Life ‘N Lemons, Kaitlyn shares her insights and experiences, like the one she’s provided for us here: