NEST Gallery Exhibition: Tattoo Macro Image

I am profoundly honored that NEST Gallery of The Hague, Netherlands selected one of my tattoo macro photos to represent a show, “I am closer to you than your very self.” The image is of Jason Nadeau’s tattoo by Joel Mejias featured on this website. The exhibition features the work of three artists, Muslim, Jewish and […]

Taylor: A Gift to Yourself

Taylor Manter’s tattoo artist for her sleeve-length forsythia was Brian Mullen at Art Freek Tattoo, Providence, RI. Taylor is the owner of a downtown Providence Day-Spa: Eliza Williams Restorative Body Therapies. She also practices yoga, which is how our paths crossed. Taylor’s tattoo expresses a femininity, which exudes strength and a certain edginess, as I […]

“Broken, but not Beyond Repair”

Sometimes you have to get creative. Liz and I did our shoot in the backseat of my car when the timing of our shoot didn’t quite work out as I planned. Her thigh tattoo was done by Jesse O’Neil at Sacred Harp Tattoo in Salem, MA. Yeah, so you know, jeans had to be rearranged, […]