Extra! Extra! Rothko Discovered Inside Tattoo

Arts & Culture
New York, NY, Staff

In an explosive turn of events in the art world, a rare painting by Mark Rothko has been discovered inside the tattoo of Jason Nadeau of Rhode Island. Art critics and auction houses stand at an impasse. The Los Angeles Times has weighed in favorably for the Rothko, citing similar works as sufficient verification of the tattoo Rothko. Social media has responded positively to the new Rothko discovery.

Glowing Haze Over Downtown Providence Still a Mystery

August 20, 2015/ Staff

EPA, FEMA and local authorities have been unable to explain the cause or nature of a mysterious glowing haze that appeared this week over Downtown Providence. Mayor Jorge Elorza has assured residents that the haze is “apparently harmless.” Although its source is currently unknown, no toxicity, pollutants or radiation have been detected in the haze. “There is no cause for alarm and I urge everyone to go about their day. We will keep the public updated as information is provided to us.”

Turf Battle Threat Over Tattoo Tagging

October 24, 2015/Staff

The appearance of a New York City gang in Providence has alarmed many residents, prompting calls to city officials and the police department, although no violence or property damage has been reported so far. Detectives sent to investigate the reports located the turf claimed by the gang, known as The Warriors, around the abode of Alexander Smith, a local copyeditor and writer. Mr. Smith informed detectives that the gang followed him to Providence when they discovered their “tag” inside one of the tattoos he received in New York City.