Brianna: Fierce and Mythical

Brianna Tran’s Dragon tattoo was done by Mike Lussier of Art Freek Tattoo, Providence, RI. We did our shoot during the Field of Artisans’ Night Market on July 21st, where I had the opportunity to set up a space to show work and photograph tattoos. Brianna and I discussed the features of her tattoo during […]

Juliet: More So, I Know My Mother

Juliet Loranger’s Kali tattoo was done by Dave Peavy of Federal Hill Tattoo, Providence RI. Both Juliet and Dave have turned out to be “frequent flyers” on this website, which is one year old now. When this project was just an idea I was trying to bring into reality, I know the earliest models and their […]

Origin [Deleted]

Announcing… Origin [Deleted] Designs Beautiful Destroyed Things and Post-Apocalyptic Ritual Objects Available to purchase at my Tattoo Macro space at the Field of Artisans x Providence Share Space; Night Market Series: 5:00 PM – 9:00 PM Thursday July 21th Thursday August 18th Providence Share Space 140 Broadway Providence, RI 02903

Infrared Tattoo Photography by Eric

Eric Steinhart has been exploring infrared photography for well over a decade, and I have had the honor of being an Infrared model for him all the while. When I started getting my tattoos, we had no idea how they would appear in these kinds of photographs. Typically, black and very dark colors (except for […]