Christian: Transitions

Christian Kline’s bird tattoo was done by Tina Bafaro of Seattle. He is a newcomer to New Bedford and the Providence-MA South Coast area. Christian used to hop trains, planes and automobiles, traveling from Scandinavia to New Zealand, working as a peanut butter smuggler in the underground peanut butter trade. He specialized in leading high-temperature […]

Sarah: Jump In

Sarah Mulvey rocks a traditional style ship tattoo of the Schooner Ernestina-Morrisey. Her tattoo was done by Chris Cautillo of The Torchbearer tattoo and piercing, Pawtucket, RI. You can find out more about the Ernestina-Morrisey on this website, and below Sarah explains how sailing on it shaped the person she’s become. She begins: A little […]

Molly: About the Moon…

Molly McCarthy is Development Coordinator at the Zeiterion Performing Arts Center in New Bedford, MA. We did our shoot on site at my recent opening for my exhibition in the members’ lounge at the theater, which runs through June. Photos above by Penny Pimentel Molly was also a Philosophy major at UMASS Dartmouth where I teach. […]

Tom: Fear Not, Your Prayer is Heard

Thomas Morra’s tattoo of the angel Gabriel was done by Dave Peavy of Federal Hill Tattoo. We had just around 15 minutes to do our photo shoot, and, yet, somehow, shot after shot worked out for us. I’m always thinking, “i don’t quite know where it comes from, how it all comes together.” The story […]

Gabi: “Stretched Skin”

Gabi Sciafani and I have collaborated to bring a new dimension to my work photographing altered states of the skin. In some sense this begins a new, independent project of using macro photography to explore all of the marks we bear. And that’s what I’ve been calling it, Marks We Bear. In another sense, this […]