Christian: Transitions

Christian Kline’s bird tattoo was done by Tina Bafaro of Seattle. He is a newcomer to New Bedford and the Providence-MA South Coast area. Christian used to hop trains, planes and automobiles, traveling from Scandinavia to New Zealand, working as a peanut butter smuggler in the underground peanut butter trade. He specialized in leading high-temperature juggernauts (yeah, you try keeping peanut butter together in that kind of heat) and complex maze navigation. The skills he learned during this period of his life made him uniquely qualified to read, listen to music, perform feats of daring and encourage others to do so.

About his tattoo, Christian writes:

Transitions: Birds fly away, they fly back, they flutter around, land and take off, they are confused. Sometimes when you admit to something, changing your mind, changing your direction drawing a line in the sand helps delineate them and now, my lines in sand often seem to be lines of ink on skin; reminders of then and now.
Plus, it’s a bird. And birds are cool.