Macros in Black & White at PPY Annex

Another huge shout out to Providence Power Yoga for having Tattoo Macros in the new Annex space, which is right down the street from the main studio (51 Bassett St.)  The Annex used to be a tattoo studio, so it’s lovely to keep something of the history of the space alive. Providence Power Yoga Annex […]

Turf Battle Threat Over Tattoo Tagging

October 24, 2015/Staff The appearance of a New York City gang in Providence has alarmed many residents, prompting calls to city officials and the police department, although no violence or property damage has been reported so far. Detectives sent to investigate the reports located the turf claimed by the gang, known as The Warriors, around […]


Ashley Nunez, an environmental activist, had her tattoo done by Craig Prentiss at Visions Tattoo, Medway, MA. Her tattoo is behind her ear. I’ve got to speak plainly about the human ear. It’s just one of those bodily organs that, under a macro lens, can kind of send you if that’s kind of your thing. […]

TB: Tattoos and the Mirror of the Mind

TB’s tattoo was done by Roger “Fatty” C. Jordan, who passed in 2012. He was the owner of the Art Room Gallery in Woonsocket and a legendary tattoo artist in Rhode Island. TB, a local construction dude, part-time musician, and full-time person who “puts up with a lot of shit,” agreed to have his Fatty […]