Sondra: Companion through Life

Sondra’s Rose and Compass tattoo was done by Mike Johnston at Blackstone Tattoo Co., Pawtucket, RI. We did the shoot at the Makers and Merchants Sale on Wickenden St. in Providence. Sondra explains the meaning this tattoo has for her:

This tattoo came to me during the greatest transition of my young adult so far. The transition to independence, to college, to finding myself. I had grown up hearing my father read me The Lord of the Rings on lazy Saturday mornings when school nor work bothered to interrupt the day. I adored the series because it was filled with adventure, with creatures of different make-ups and cultures. And it showed the power of friendship. It inspired me to adventure past my own Shire someday.

My tattoo is gorgeous. It is a steady compass the color of metal touched by time; and roses the color of fire. Which represent not only the burning fire inside of my soul to devour anything life throws at me, but also the flames of goodness, of kindness, of love and friendship. I decided to make this tattoo my companion throughout my life because it is a reminder for me to never fear being different. Never fear travel, adventure, never fear change. Because change is what makes life an adventure. Along the side of my fire roses and compass reads “not all those who wander are lost”. A famous quote, but one that will forever mirror the pattern of my life. I am an artist I am an avid wanderer. I have grown to know one thing for sure: never let fear, or the idea of the unknown keep you from jumping into every moment life makes for you. You may wander into exactly where the universe intended you to be.