Wendy Cardoza’s pair of tattoos were done by Andy Robinson of Art Machine Productions, Fishtown, Philadelphia. As you may notice with the featured photo, one of the mahjong tiles is ready for a game. Wendy has written her own piece about the meaning of her tattoos. She begins: What will be with me for the […]

Amy Remix!

Amy Ravenelle did this great remix composite of four of her foot shots. Tattoo by Doug Forcier, Renaissance Tattoo Studio, Woonsocket, RI. I totally encourage models to have fun with their photos and post them wherever they like. (Models get a set of files for their own use.) I do, however, request attribution to me as […]


Rachel Sholly, A.K.A. RedDawn PVD Rachel’s tattoo was done by Mike Lussier at Art Freek Tattoo, Providence, RI. Rachel’s tatmacs have been printed on a large scale, check out a trial installation:

PPY Celebration

A huge, huge shout out to Providence Power Yoga for the opportunity to show the photos of our tattooed yogis and a lovely evening. Photos will be up for about a month, so if you’re in the Jewelry District of Providence, feel free to stop by and take a look, maybe, take a class, too… 51 Bassett […]

Video Link: Tattoo Macros Enlarged

Video 1: In which  I answer the question: What do tattoo macro photos enlarged to pretty big sizes look like? And ruminate on skin… This is the first video I’ve made for the project. It kind of shows. For those of legal drinking age, you can play a Drinking Game using the word “interesting.”  I […]

Inspirational Quote

Garuda Tattoo by Dave Peavy at Federal Hill Tattoo, worn by Caroline Peavy. When I asked her [my friend with many tattoos] once how she could allow her body to be marked up so casually with permanent ink, she said, “Oh, but you misunderstand! It’s not permanent. It’s just temporary.”

Portrait Photography

Portrait and human figure photography is probably one of the constants in my work. Some of my most recent work in this area involves selfies — sort of Cindy Sherman, except for me and my purposes. It’s kind of required, seeing as I continually “confront” other people with a camera lens. My own self-perception should […]