Macro Street Photography

This gallery represents a fraction of the street photography I do. I take photographs wherever I go, every day. It is something I never forget to do, so it must be a part of me. Macro photography provides a way of going “into” the streets and what catches my attention there, much in the way that I dive into tattoos with a macro lens.

Graffiti is very special to me. Macro shots of graffiti capture the energy and quality of the paint in a way that reminds me of the Action Painters.  Documenting these temporary art/statements is an important part of my street photography.  I have met many people who dislike or do not understand graffiti, and these photos have helped reframe the discussion. If people do not know what they are looking at, they can find clues at a different scale of representation. It is a good way to invite people into an art form they have resistance to. I love taking these photos and hope you enjoy seeing them.

Last Modified on December 1, 2016
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